“Monastris Nobati” – Monastery Food


Monastery Food which is called – “Monastris Nobati” in Georgian is a joint product of three monasteries located in the old village of Meskheti – Ude. These three monasteries produce a variety of products such as wine, meat products, honey, bread, snail products and handicrafts. One of the distinguished out of these three monasteries is Ude Nunnery where the visitors can taste traditional Meskhetian dishes, wine, dishes from snails and many others. All of these are prepared by sweet nuns of the monastery.

Ude Nunnery started making wine in 2010. Gradually they developed other products and today they make dry meat (jerky) varieties called “Apokhti” in Georgian. They produce “Apokhti” from pork, beef, chicken and duck. Moreover, nuns have their own snail farm and you can taste original dishes from snails prepared by them. Marinated snails in lovely jars are among them.

In 2020 as a result of a hard-work and initiative by the Archimandrite Grigol who is a lead priest of these monasteries the first Meskhetian vineyard was built in Adigeni Municipality. They planted nine varieties of grapes such as Tamari Vine, Black Aspindzuri, Meskhuri Mtsvane, Kharistvala, Klertmagari and so on. Monastery wine is made by nuns and monks using their original secret technology. This technology and the composition of the wine passes through the generations.

Along with the products, during 2017-2019 Ude Nunnery also designed a nice degustation place for visitors. Usually if you have a chance to sit at the table together with the Archimandrite Grigol you will witness many interesting stories about Meskheti, wine, grapes and so on. Beside degustation you can purchase the Monastery Food and take with you and remember about your trip every time you taste it.

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