Wine and Gastronomy

“Monastris Nobati” – Monastery Food

Monastery Food which is called – “Monastris Nobati” in Georgian is a joint product of three monasteries located in the old village of Meskheti – Ude. These three monasteries produce a variety of products such as wine, meat products, honey, bread, snail products and handicrafts. One of the distinguished out of these three monasteries is […]

Aluda Jvaridze “Meskhuri Oda”

Aluda Jvaridze, a farmer from Aspindza municipality, started rehabilitation of Meskhetian “Oda” houses a few years ago. He enjoys living in the village and today manages Agri-tourism Farm “Meskhuri Oda ” in Chobareti Village. “I think that we should follow traditions and keep them for the future generation. I try to save money in order […]

Davit Mumladze’s Marani

For the Mumladze family, wine-making was a family tradition for centuries. His ancestors used to make wine, moreover, they were good clay masters and their “Qvevris” were well-known throughout the region. According to Davit Mumladze the family still preserves old items once used by his grandfather. They use them to show their story to the […]

Khachapuridze’s Marani

Niko Khachapuridze is managing his wine cellar with his family in the village Kvabiskhevi, Borjomi Municipality. It is an old Georgian traditional-style cellar from the 19th century. The Meskhetian fireplace, oldest wooden winepress and Qvevri are of particular importance to this place. Wine cellar is included in the Wine Map of Georgia and is pretty […]

Natenadze’s Wine Cellar

Giorgi Natenadze: “I have spent much of the past decade traipsing through mountain forests in search of ancient grapevines growing the way nature intended — up to trees. I have found some vines that are more than 100 years old and one that I reckon is more than 400 years old” says Giorgi Natenadze. While […]

Zaza Zedgenidze “Amphora Beer”

Zaza is an entrepreneur, owner of a brewery in Aspindza. He produces Amphora beer in traditional Georgian Amphoras (Qvevri). Initially, beer-brewing was Zaza’s hobby. He was brewing beer at home for family and friends. Later on, he turned his hobby into a business and established a small beer enterprise in 2017. As Zaza tells, they […]
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