Aluda Jvaridze “Meskhuri Oda”


Aluda Jvaridze, a farmer from Aspindza municipality, started rehabilitation of Meskhetian “Oda” houses a few years ago. He enjoys living in the village and today manages Agri-tourism Farm “Meskhuri Oda ” in Chobareti Village.

“I think that we should follow traditions and keep them for the future generation. I try to save money in order to keep them alive… Some years ago I moved to the city but came back to the village. In the city, time flies quickly and here time is slow, accordingly, I have more time to do things” – says Aluda. Aluda owns livestock in the village, producing Meskhetian, traditional Tenili cheese. He remembered a nearly forgotten cheese-making tradition from childhood. Aluda decided to revive this tradition and established a small enterprise in the village.

Today “Meskhuri Oda ” is an agritourism farm, hosting tourists who can enjoy the Meskhetian culture and hospitality there. Farm vegetables and fruits are natural. Here people can observe Meskhetian Tenili cheese and the bread-making process. Hosts make Kada, Apokhti, Meskheian Khachapuri using more than 2.5 centuries old Meskhetian bakery purne.

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