Borjomi-Tori-Dabadzveli-Kakhisi Lake-Chobiskhevi


Route Length: 29,67 km
Min./Max. Elevation: 893/1926 m.
Elevation gain/loss: 1471/1402 m.
Route Type: One way
Route category of complexity: Moderate

Route Description
The route starts on the outskirts of Borjomi, at the south-eastern edge. A dirt road with a long serpentine leads travelers into the woodland This whole itinerary runs through a misty forest, where hundreds of shades of green create a boosted color palette and represent an unforgettable visual spectacle. The thrill of this journey is reinforced by the fact that suddenly in the middle of the forest all the trails disappear. After crossing a small pass (1700 m above sea level), the silhouettes of the forest roads gradually re-emerge and run downhill to the historic village of Tori. From Tori the road sets off towards the west. After passing the summer village Dabadzveli the route ends up at the shores of Kakhisi Lake, which is located at 1752 above sea level and is hidden in a dark colored spruce forest. In summer time, along tiny trails outlined around the lake travelers can find plenty of juicy berries, raspberries and blackberries. Optionally, it is possible to visit the nearby lakes of Chito and Tsero, situated south of the route.
The trail runs from Dabadzveli by a serpentine dirt road, which will take you directly to the village Chobiskhevi, where the route will end.


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