Davit Mumladze’s Marani


For the Mumladze family, wine-making was a family tradition for centuries. His ancestors used to make wine, moreover, they were good clay masters and their “Qvevris” were well-known throughout the region. According to Davit Mumladze the family still preserves old items once used by his grandfather. They use them to show their story to the visitors. The family business is led by father and son – Gia and Davit Mumladze. They admit that they have inherited the love of wine and wine-making from their ancestors.

Five years ago the family decided to turn their hobby into a business. They have arranged a wine cellar in the basement of their family house in village Atskuri. Each year they have added more renovations to the house. This year the first floor of the house was completely renovated. They returned it to the old authentic style. They have installed nine “Qvevris” and arranged the degustation place where visitors can taste wine and at the same time listen to the family story of an ordinary Meskhetian man. At this moment they have “Saperavi”, “Rkatsiteli”, “Kakhuri Mtsvane” and “Muskati”.

Mumladze’s wine is very popular not only within the region but also outside. They consider it their responsibility to follow in the footsteps of their ancestors. For the future, they plan to extend the business, restore and preserve Meskhetian traditions related to wine.

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