Idumala – Chitikibe Fortress – Tiseli Trail


Route Length: 25.5 km
Route Duration: 11 hrs. 55 min.
Min./Max. Height: 1052/2533 m.
Total Ascent/Descent: 1917/2064 m.
Route Type: Connecting
Route category of complexity: Moderate

Route Description:
The tourist route takes start at the village Idumala and follows an asphalt road towards village Oshora. The route can also begin from the village Oshori and continue its ways towards north-east until reaching the first crossroad. At this point the route turns to the left, crosses a small stream and ends up in an open meadow – a perfect camping and overnight place. In a kilometer from the camp site, at the very point, where two streams merge into each other, there is enclosed a mountain. This mountain will lead visitors to the remote Chitikibe Fortress, erected at 2210 meters above the sea level. Although no trail is outlined to the fortification, the wood is easily passable. The upper part of the mountain is stony and grassy but it is possible to move towards right, thus avoid the sharp cliffs and shelter under a tremendous rock. From that spot travellers can catch the clear sight of the fortress. The access to the stronghold is from the north side and though there is no trail the terrain allows an easy climbing.

Visitors can come back to the Kibisghele valley exactly the same way. An old dirt road, overgrown with wild tall-grass, turns left and leads to a small spring. After crossing it the trail plays a hide & seeks game with the travelers as it appears and disappears through the meadows. The route goes left, towards north direction, in the sub-alpine zone and finally leads the travelers on the top of Trialeti ridge. From that spot the entire Aspindza municipality opens up in the palm of a hand. After the mesmerizing viewpoint, the route runs down the northern slope and soon finds itself in a wooded area. It continues in a westerly direction and later joins a more outlined trail, rapidly replaced by a dirt road. Shortly in the depths of the valley will appear the momentous landmark of the region – the Tiseli Monastery Complex of the Virgin.
The road continues to the end of the valley through ruins of a fortress, a cemetery and an old church and enters the center of the village Tiseli, where the route ends.


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