Ijareti - Triala Lakes - Zarzma


Route Length: 15,29 km
Min./Max. Elevation: 1283/1854 m.
Elevation gain/loss: 681/675 m.
Route Type: One way
Route category of complexity: Easy

Route description
The route starts from the center of the village Ijareti. The village claims the remnants of a 12th-century monastery complex, mainly a tiny, but unique bell tower It is believed to be one of the oldest bell towers in Georgia.
The route follows a dirt road that will eventually lead to the Triala Lakes. While on the road the visitors can observe imposing sights on the Ridge of Meskheti and the Okro Fortress.
The itinerary approaches the chain of Triala Lakes. Three lakes situated close to each other and bounded by dense forests are mainly fed by meltwater of snow. Hence the best time is spring or early summer to visit the lakes and perceive all the beauty. The water significantly decreases by the end of summer and almost dries up by the autumn.
The route continues towards the village of Zarzma, and its pride – Zarzma Monastery, once to be the leading religious, cultural and educational center of the whole Georgia. Till today Zarzma represents one of the most distinctive monuments, firmly preserving the best tendencies and characteristic features of Georgian architecture. Noteworthy is the murals, where along with traditional religious depictions, are presented rare portraits of historical figures.
The route ends at the center of the village Zarzma.


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