Khachapuridze’s Marani


Niko Khachapuridze is managing his wine cellar with his family in the village Kvabiskhevi, Borjomi Municipality. It is an old Georgian traditional-style cellar from the 19th century. The Meskhetian fireplace, oldest wooden winepress and Qvevri are of particular importance to this place. Wine cellar is included in the Wine Map of Georgia and is pretty popular not only within the region but outside too.
Father and son started making wine in 2015 and since that year they are hosting guests from all over the world. You can taste varieties of Georgian and European wines such as Chinuri, Goruli Mtsvane, Rkatsiteli, Pinot. The wines are made according to the Georgian tradition. Besides the wines, the family produces Chacha and offers masterclasses on the traditional Meskhetian cuisine. Visitors can engage in the cuisines masterclasses and bake bread in Meskhuri Purne or make Mtsvadi themselves.

The Khachapuridze family has designed the marani as a museum where you can find a large diversity of weapons, vessels and other traditional items, such as carpets, agricultural and winery tools, as well as different handmade items.
The family of Khachapuridze is famous for its hospitality. As an additional service you can enjoy your visit along with listening to the traditional Georgian folk songs.

Visitors can try traditional wines, taste delicious food and get more information about winemaking in this region.

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