Khertsvisi - Kvarsha - Kilda - Kumurdo

Route Description

Route Length: 14.62 km
Min./Max. Elevation: 1131/1768 m.
Elevation gain/loss: 666/62 m.
Route Type: One way
Route category of complexity: Moderate

The route starts at the Khertvisi fortress which is built on a rocky mountain, at the confluence of Tavparavni and Mtkvari rivers. Trail will follow the asphalt road to the gate of Khertvisi fortress and before reaching Khertvisi gardens, it will take the uphill towards Kvarsha in the southeast direction. The serpentine trail widens in some places. From the trail, there are beautiful views of the Erusheti mountains, to Khertvisi fortress, Mtkvari and Faravan valleys. Soon, the route goes to a leveled meadow, and before going uphill again, it invites hikers to a viewpoint on the right, in about 150 meters. From this point you can enjoy the views of Khertvisi fortress for the last time. The road to Kvarsha turns back again and continues uphill in an easterly direction until it turns left and follows a stony and rocky path to the northeast. Already in 200 meters, the path reaches the Javakheti plateau and stands on the background of the Abul-Samsari mountain range, surrounded by the ruins of a medieval church. Almost everything here has turned into ruins.

The village is covered with tall grass during the summer, usually from mid-June to the end of July, unless the nearby villagers mow it. A large part of the route passes through these big grasses and it is recommended to walk in early spring and autumn.
The route leads to the church. The church is built of huge stones and is surrounded by the remains of a megalithic wall. During the Soviet period, the church was used to store of grain. At that time, the door on the west side was removed and a new door was cut in the sanctuary on the east side. Inside the church there are fragments of badly damaged frescoes. From Kvarsha, the route turns right and follows the dirt road in the south direction. After about 200 meters, it turns to the left and follows the path between meadows and fields, on one side – with views of the Abul-Samsari ridge stretching along its entire length, and on the other side – with views of the Mtkvari valley. Soon, as a landmark, the village Kumurdo will appear on the horizon. On the way, the route stops at one more old ruined village, Kilda. The village is decorated with a medieval church and overlooks the settlements of Kilda. There is an old cemetery, the remains of a megalithic fortress, menhirs, and the Daran system. The route passes the old cemetery and goes to Kumurdo. It follows the Javakheti plateau for about 6 kilometers, approaches the village Kumurdo from the south, follows the streets of the village, passes the Kumurdo Church and ends in the center of the village, from where, it is possible to continue the trail on the Kumurdo-Gogasheni-Mirashkhani or Kumurdo-Gogasheni-Vardzia direction.


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