Marina Nariashvili’s Hotel Eden and Agritourism Farm


“Hospitality for me is an expression of love and care; I do not get tired of doing what I love,” says Marina Nariashvili. Marina grew up in the city, but in the family, Marina’s mother and grandmother always baked bread in a traditional way using purne (Meskhetian bakery). According to the family tradition, the first lavash baked in a bakery was offered to the grandfather – in memory of ancestors. Today the family continues the tradition and added another bakery to their kitchen, which is also used for making lobiani and khachapuri.

Since 2009, Marina is a member of the Biological Farming Association Elkana. She started an agritourism business with her family members on their own investment. They renovated the family house and added extra rooms and facilities suitable for small groups and family vacations. The house is decorated with handicrafts, including works made by Marina – embroidery with beads.

Today Family hotel Eden receives guests from all over the world and has become a model for others in the region. They receive visitors mainly through booking platforms and local guides. Marina’s culinary talent offering traditional food and a family atmosphere has generated a growing demand for gastro-tours. Marina recently has been supported by international organizations such as USAID ZRDA in arranging outdoor kitchens, facilities for tasting Meskhetian cuisine and dining, and implementing gastro tour offers. Here, visitors can taste three types of bread: somini, titiani and khmiadi, as well as Meskhetian trout in grape leaves, duck, Lukhumi with mulberry bakmazi – the same as chirikhta bakmazi. The host also offers guests homemade jams and other sweets.   

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