Gandzani – Abuli Fortress – Levani Lake


Levani Lake Trail Network

Trail network of Levani Lake consists of 5 one-way routes, which meet at Levani lake. Nestled at an altitude of 2565 meters amongst the vibrant volcanic mountains of the Abul-Samsari Range, the transparent, bluish-colored glacial lake blends in perfectly with the volcanic terrain, rocky slopes, and grassy meadows. The northern shore of Levani lake works as a suitable camping site. From this point, any one-way route out of 5 can be selected to go back.

Near the shepherd’s huts, aggressive shepherd dogs are met. In case of their attack, keep calm and sit down. If in a few minutes they won’t leave you, wait until a nearby shepherd comes and calms them down.

Gandzani – Abuli Fortress – Levani Lake

Length: 26.7 km. (return back 26.7 km.)
Duration: 9 hrs. 20 min. (return back 8 hrs. 45 min.)
Min./Max. Height: 2027/2894 m.
Total Ascent/Descent: 1379 /840 m
Type: One-way
Difficulty level: Moderate
Please read carefully the definitions of complexity categories!

Route Description:

The route takes start at the entrance of Gandzani village, near the Tbilisi-Tsalka-Ninotsminda highway. It passes the Gandzani Church, the Gandzani Bridge, exits the village, and makes its way to the west, towards Mount Patara Abuli. In the open field shielded with stones, at the foot of the Mount Patara Abuli, is spotted an old spring. From that spot begins a steep, grass-covered rocky outcrop, leading to the famed megalithic complex, built with dry masonry technique thousands of years ago. An inaccessible Abuli fortress is surrounded by seven-meter walls, fortified with massive ramparts. The fort proudly resides on a rocky terrain at 2670 meters above sea level, captivates everyone who dares to approach it, and invites to its primeval narrow, tiled streets that can be walked even today. Besides mesmerizing megalithic remnants, Abuli fortress offers stunning views of volcanic mountains, blue lakes, or boundless spans. From the fort tourist route runs down the slope, crosses a dirt road, bypasses Patara Abuli mountain, and continues in a northwest direction while leaving behind a panoramic view of the major beauty of Javakheti – Didi Abuli Mountain. Optionally, it is also possible to visit a lake, located in about 350 m. to the north of the Didi Abuli Mountain. After a small rise, the route turns towards the north, crosses a minor pass, and approaches a large lake, with a good camping site. The full range of the Mount Samsari is seen from this point. The route continues to its direction. Several little streams pop up on the way and after passing them all, the trail reaches Levani Lake.


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