Shoka – Okro Fortress


Okro Fortress Trail Net

Okro fortress Trail Net consists of three independent trails, that gather at Okro Fortress (1740 m.). 13th-century Fortress stands on a huge rocky massif and is almost impossible to access. It represents one of the largest and most intricately planned forts in Georgia. The multi-level stronghold has massive, crudely carved walls, that run down the slopes and harmoniously blend with the texture of the mountain. Presumably, this unity of natural barriers and man-made fortification formed a perfect defense system and helped to gain control of the region and its passing roads, and also allowed to endure long-lasting sieges during invasions.
The fortress can be accessed from the north side. In the northwest direction of the fort, a 100 meters long path leads to the spring, which is also a suitable place to make a camp and stay overnight.
From the Okro Fortress, the route divides into three directions – one goes to the town Adigeni, the other goes to the village Shoka, and the third way takes the visitors to the evergreen Kurtskhana Valley.

Shoka – Okro Fortress

Route Length: 3.5 km. (return back 3.5 km.)
Route Duration: 1 hr. 45 min. (return back 1 hr. 10 min.)
Min./Max. Height: 1414/1731 m.
Total Ascent/Descent: 367/100 m.
Type: One-way
Difficulty level: Moderate

Please read the definitions of complexity categories carefully!

Route Description:
The route starts at the center of the village Shoka and follows the asphalt road towards the Okro Fortress. Swiftly the itinerary passes a flowing spring near the exit of the village and connects to a dirt road. Shortly the travelers can spot a mesmerizing sight of the grand Okro Fortress, floating atop the mountain. A major part of the stronghold is perched on the south wing of the rocky mountain and overlooks the route from the south façade until the dirt road starts driving up a steep hill. As soon as the long ascent, veiled in oaks is over, the route loops around the fortress and approaches it from the north side.


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