Tsaghveri mineral spring forest-park


Route Length: 4,75 km
Min./Max. Elevation: 1020/1148 m.
Elevation gain/loss: 278/278 m.
Route Type: Loop
Route category of complexity: Easy

Route description

The route allows to walk in Tsaghveri Park and enjoy the beautiful nature and mineral springs. There are six mineral springs in Tsaghveri Forest-Park. The path enters in Tsaghveri park, passing first the lower N13 mineral spring, and then the upper springs N1 and N2. From there, the route enters the forest and takes you to the N10 and N9 mineral springs, from where you will cross the Gujaretistskali river to the N5 mineral spring and waterfall. From there it is possible to climb to Uznariani fortress.
Uznariani fortress is a monument of the 13th century, which is built on a rocky shore at the edge of the village Tsaghveri. It is possible to return from Uznariani fortress to Tsaghveri by car road.
From the fortess, the route also continues in the direction to Mzetamze village and then it is possible to go to Bakuriani.


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