Tabatskuri Lake- Shavnabada -Levani Lake


Levani Lake Trail Network

Trail network of Levani Lake consists of 5 one-way routes, which meet at Levani lake. Nestled at an altitude of 2565 meters amongst the vibrant volcanic mountains of the Abul-Samsari Range, the transparent, bluish-colored glacial lake blends in perfectly with the volcanic terrain, rocky slopes, and grassy meadows. The northern shore of Levani lake works as a suitable camping site. From this point, any one-way route out of 5 can be selected to go back.

Near the shepherd’s huts, aggressive shepherd dogs are met. In case of their attack, keep calm and sit down. If in a few minutes they won’t leave you, wait until a nearby shepherd comes and calms them down.

Tabatskuri Lake- Shavnabada -Levani Lake

Length: 33.3 km. (return back 33.3 km.)
Duration: 11 hrs. 25 min. (return back 10 hrs. 50 min.)
Min./Max. Height: 1986/3084 m.
Total Ascent/Descent: 1424/854 m.
Type: One-way
Difficulty level: Moderate

Please read carefully the definitions of complexity categories!
Passing the Samsari pass without a professional mountain guide is not recommended!!

Route Description:

The route starts near the shores of Tabatskuri Lake, namely, in a small village Tabatskuri (2000 m. ASL) situated on a cape that extends into the lake. Itinerary exits the village and heads to the east. It goes through hayfields and sets off on a dirt road. In a little while, a few Shepherds’ huts will appear along the landscape. In about 10 km, the road turns right and runs between the Shavnabada (2929 m.) and Egoisari (2514 m.) mountains, then passes by Shavimta (3047 m.) and Tsitelimta (3099 m.). Shorty can be noticed a lake and spring next to it. From there the route crosses a wide plateau and heads southwest towards Mt. Samsari. Its peak reaches 3285 meters above sea level and represents one of the most characteristic volcanic cones, with a fairly large caldera. Its floor is covered by rocks, glacial debris, and tiny lakes.
As soon as the route reaches the rocky foothills of Mt. Samsari, moves towards the pass, which is positioned from the left side of the Mountain. While climbing the pass all safety precautions should be considered.
The route follows a long descent, crosses the stony moraines, and approaches Levani Lake.


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