Ude -Zazalo - Iailebi - Beshumi


Route Length: 28,27 km
Min./Max. Elevation: 1190/2189 m.
Elevation gain/loss: 1181/408 m.
Route Type: One way
Route category of complexity: Moderate

Route Description
From Ude
Up to the end the route follows motorized dirt road and passes through the sub-alpine zone, where are located Iailebi – summer settlements of herdsmen. The border with Turkey runs just a hundred meters away from that area. This route also can be taken by horseback or bicycle. Throughout the itinerary, visitors will encounter many different types of delicious springs.
The route starts from the center of the Ude village. The village and its vicinities have quite an impressive past, ancient tombs and traces of human existence dated back to the Stone Age. The village is also home to numerous Christian monuments, including the Church of the Virgin and the monastery.
The route sets off to the west, passes several springs and exits the village. During the journey you will encounter several crossroads, at the first crossroads the road continues in the left direction, and at the second and third – in the right direction.
The dirt road runs in a south-westerly direction, then enters the historic village of Zazalo, crosses the village and takes the path to the left. The route passes by the ruins of Zazalo Fortress nestling on the mountain top, an old dam built into a little stream and approaches shepherds’ huts.
The trail enters into dense forest but swiftly appears in the subalpine zone, which is home to the of herdsmen – Kakhareti, Ude and Arali Iailebi – summer grazing meadows with small wooden herdsmen dwellings used for centuries by locals. If you are lucky enough to spend a night in a Iaila hut, you are guaranteed to gain a lifelong experience as those huts represent one of the most authentic cultural heritages of Georgia.
From the Arali Iailebi the road passes under the wires of transmission towers, crosses several streams and suddenly the visitors find themselves at the top of the mountain of resort Beshumi. To the right of the road there are spotted several little trails that can shorten the way and lead directly to Beshumi – an extraordinary resort, hidden in alpine and coniferous plants at an altitude of 1850-2000 meters above sea level. The main road leads to the center of Beshumi, where the route ends.


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