Vardzia - Gogasheni - Apnia - Mirashkhani


Route Length: 10,39 km
Min./Max. Elevation: 1250/1761 m.
Elevation gain/loss: 544/518 m.
Route Type: One way
Route category of complexity: Easy

Route Description
From the Vardzia outskirts an asphalt road follows a long serpentine and goes uphill. On the third turn of serpentine the road is switched to a small trail that leads the visitors to the village of Gogasheni. A small cold spring flows at the entrance of the village; from this point the route heads south, leaves behind the village dwellings and turns right (to west) towards the Apnia settlement. Apnia hosts the hall church of the XIV century, built of hewn stones, and decorated with an interesting inscription made on Mkhedruli script of Georgian alphabet. The road heads south-west, traverses a wide plateau and runs down the steep slopes of the Mtkvari Valley, until entering the village of Mirashkani. The route ends near the center of the village.


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