Zaza Zedgenidze “Amphora Beer”


Zaza is an entrepreneur, owner of a brewery in Aspindza. He produces Amphora beer in traditional Georgian Amphoras (Qvevri). Initially, beer-brewing was Zaza’s hobby. He was brewing beer at home for family and friends. Later on, he turned his hobby into a business and established a small beer enterprise in 2017. As Zaza tells, they brew beer by using their own technology. Liquid stays in Qvevri in two weeks, which gets the so-called “green beer”, an immature beer that is poured into tanks.

The company is using high-quality ingredients that define beer quality. They produce eight types of different light and dark beer, whose taste is absolutely different from each other.

Besides beer, in 2020, the company created a new product – malt bread, which is considered a zero-waste product. The malt that remains during the brewing of beer is used in baking.

In 2021, Zedgenidze’s family opened the Brewery House Hotel. Guests enjoy an unlimited amount of locally brewed amphora beer, malt bread baked in a traditional Meskhetian oven, local cuisine, and of course a unique beer spa!

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