Javakheti Lakes

Samstke-Javakheti has a diverse range of lakes, from lakes high in the alpine nestled in the mountain slopes, to low lying lakes surrounded by forest. All of them share the same amazing water quality and fill you with a sense of tranquility. Animals love them to, many migrating and nesting birds call these lakes their home.

Javakheti Protected Areas cover the most of the lakes in this territory.

While during summer these areas are fascinating places to visit for birds and beautiful sceneries, during winter most of the lakes freeze and travelers can easily walk or ice-fish in them.

Important tips:

For more information about the prices, facilities, contact details and services of the Javakheti Protected Areas, please visit the official site of protected areas - Click Here

Please take into account that in some areas closer to the borders (Kartsakhi and Madatapa) you need special validation document which can be obtained on the link above.

If you are interested in local services, please contact us directly and we will provide you with the information.

Tabatskuri Lake

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