Spa And Wellness

Spa and Wellness

In almost all municipalities of Southern Georgia mineral waters are extracted, which the local population has been using to treat a variety of diseases since ancient times. There are both cold and naturally warm mineral springs in the region, with most warm healing baths still active today (in Borjomi, Tsikhisjvari, Sadgeri, Dviri, Akhaltsikhe, Aspindza, etc.).

The impeccable healing features of Borjomi water have been known since ancient times, as evidenced by stone spa baths from the first century found in the Borjomi Park. The uniqueness and specificity of Borjomi water lies in the fact that warm water rises from the ground and is saturated with over 60 minerals. Borjomi mineral water is also used for the treatment of digestive organs.

Likani is the second most important healing mineral water in Borjomi. Likani is characterized by a weaker mineralization than Borjomi.

Another mineral water of the Borjomi region, Mitarbi, is bottled by Borjomi Factory #1. Its mineral deposit is located in the Miturbula River Valley, near the village of Little Mitarbi.

With healing water baths, the Abastumani Resort is also popular, where the healing thermal water bath and sanatorium Meskheti were built for Prince Giorgi Alexander Romanov by the end of the XIX century and have been functioning until 1994.

In Adigeni municipality, besides the Abastumani Resort, lies the village Flate, also famous for its mineral water.

Other villages of the municipality are also known for healing mineral waters, namely the village Tskaltbila, with sulfur thermal water, Tsinubani, with spa baths, and Uraveli and Gurkeli, with mineral water.

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