Located in the Akhaltsikhe valley near the river of Kvabliani, there are many key sites to visit here. These include the Lakes of Triala, Monastery of Zarzma, Monastery of Chule, and multiple fortresses including Zanavi, Irimchala, and Okrostikhe. With freezing and snowy winters, and warmer comfortable summers, this is a destination with scenic views and plenty to do. 

Just 23 km northeast of Adigeni you can find a famous mountain-balneological resort – Abastumani. This is a small urban-type settlement located on the southern slopes of the Meskheti Range (Lesser Caucasus) in the small river valley of Otskhe. The resort is surrounded by evergreen coniferous forests dominated by pine. Near the resort there is one of the best observatories in the Caucasus – the Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory.


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