Akhalkalaki lies on the edge of the Javakheti Plateau and is the administrative center of Akhalkalaki Municipality. The city is located about 30 kilometres from the border with Turkey. The majority of the population in Akhalkalaki is Armenian.

The name Akhalkalaki, first was recorded in the 11th-century Georgian chronicle, means “a new town”, from Georgian [ɑxɑli], “new”, and [kʰɑlɑkʰi], “city” or “town”. 

In the town you can find all needed facilities such as healthcare, educational and cultural centers. The climate of Akhalkalaki is moderately humid with relatively cold dry winters and long cool summers.

Akhalkalaki was founded by Bagrat IV of Georgia in 1064. In 1066, the city was destroyed during the Seljuq invasions of the Kingdom of Georgia. In the 11th century Akhalkalaki became one of the political and economical centers of Javakheti.

Today, agriculture is most developed in the municipality, the leading field is farming. There are also food and agricultural enterprises in Akhalkalaki. The railway line connecting the Turkish and Georgian railways runs through this territory. This town is distinguished by its beautiful landscape, abundance of lakes and interesting cultural monuments. The travelers can also visit  ancient castles and temples in the area.


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