Borjomi is the Administrative Center of Borjomi Municipality and lies almost between Akhaltsikhe-Tbilisi road. This town is famous for many reasons – mineral waters, endless evergreen forests, National Park, museums and so on. The best thing about this town is that it can be easily seen in one day. Most attractions, hotels, and restaurants are located in the center. Additionally, it is pretty close to the ski resort Bakuriani.

Borjomi has been closely connected with Bakuriani since the XIX century, after Borjomi mineral water became prominent for healing powers. This led to, in 1871, the Russian King Aleksandre II bestowing Borjomi gorge to his brother, Mikhail Romanov. During the reign of the Romanovs, there was a significant shift in the development of the gorge, where a mineral water bottling plant and holiday houses were built and the Borjomi-Bakuriani railway line was constructed, serving passengers on the unique “Kukushka” train. 

One section of the Borjomi-Bakuriani railway line passes over a viaduct (train bridge) designed by the famous French engineer and architect Gustav Eiffel, and constructed by the Georgian engineer Besarion Keburia. The construction of the viaduct over the Tsemistskhali River began in 1897 and the first Borjomi-Bakuriani “Kukuska” train ran in January, 1902. The train is now exclusively a passenger service train used by skiers, tourists, and local residents. Today the renovated “Kukushka” is a symbol of the Borjomi gorge. 

Borjomi is surrounded by many local resorts such as Tsaghveri, Tba, Libani, Tsemi, etc. There are a lot of cultural sites too.

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