Khertvisi Fortress


The Khertvisi Fortress is one of the best preserved of Georgia’s fortification structures. Khertvisi was restored and reinforced several times.  Originally built on a rocky mountain at the confluence of the Mtkvari and Paravnistskali Rivers, it is the last point of the historical Javakheti region and the beginning of Meskheti. This monument represents a large ensemble of different structures and exceeds 100 m in length. According to the well-preserved inscription, the fortress wall was built in the XIV century and an inner fortress with thick walls and watch-towers were built within the outside wall.  With its little church dating back to 985, the remains of dwellings, auxiliary premises and bridges, as well as a tunnel going down to the river,  Khertvisi is the best illustration of the historical misfortunes of the region.   

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