Kumurdo Monastery


Kumurdo Cathedral is a Georgian Orthodox Cathedral situated on Javakheti Plateau, 12 km southwest from Akhalkalaki. According to the inscriptions on the walls, written with the ancient Georgian writing of Asomtavruli, the Kumurdo Cathedral was built by Ioane the Bishop during the reign of King of the Abkhazians Leon III in 964.

It is the first church with emerging features of the 11-13th century architecture of Georgia. During the Middle Ages, Kumurdo was an important cultural, educational and religious center. The cathedral was restored twice, once in 1930 and again from 1970 to 1980.

The western rectangular arm of the church is three-nave, with internal narthex and three sided gallery arranged in its western end. The external layout of the church is cross-shaped, with a three-partite sanctuary and two triangular niches are arranged on it’s western façade. A porch-chapel was erected in front of the main entrance with a tiny shrine arranged in the thickness of the load-bearing wall.

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