Ninotsminda is a town south of Samtskhe-Javakheti. It is an administrative center of Ninotsminda Municipality. Translation of the current official name means “Saint Nino” in English and it was given to the town in honor of the illuminator of Georgians St. Nino, in 1991. Before 1991, the town of Ninotsminda was called Bogdanovka – a name going back to the history of the Doukhobor settlement in the region in the 1840s.

This place and surrounding areas have a long history dating back to the Bronze Age. This proved with the facts discovered here, mainly megalithic buildings and remains of the settled places. Here every stone, every bridge and every tree retells the long and interesting story of the past. 

Ninotsminda Municipality is not famous only for its cultural heritage but for natural diversity. One of the diverse National Parks with unique birdwatching possibilities is situated here.

There is a mountain steppe climate in Ninotsminda. Winters are cold, light snowy, summers are long and cool.

Nearly 95% of the population is Armenian.


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