Shaori Megalithic Fortress


The Shaori fortress is a Bronze Age megalithic structure in the Akhalkalaki Municipality. A cyclopean fort built using a dry masonry technique, it has an unusual plan, rhomboid with circular spaces, and is situated on the eponymous rocky mount, at an altitude of 2752 meters above sea level. It’s home is in the Lesser Caucasus mountains, northwest of Paravani Lake. The fortress is inscribed on the list of the Immovable Cultural Monuments of National Significance of Georgia.
The Shaori fortress is built of large basalt blocks, without using mortar. It consists of two parts, each located on top of a steep peak. The central part is an irregular rectangle constructed in the highest area and can be accessed through a one-meter-wide and 1.3 meter-high gate from the east. The location and spatial organization of Shaori makes it an unlikely domestic center, but rather, it was most likely used for religious purposes.

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