Tmogvi Fortress


This historic fortress was first mentioned in the ancient texts of the 10th century. From the 10th century the fortress was under Georgian monarchy rule, until the 16th century at which point it was taken over by the Ottoman Empire’s rule. At the end of the 18th century, the fortress was re-forfeited and today remains a main attraction where one can explore Georgia’s past. 

Tmogvi fortress is located in Aspindza municipality, near Tmogvi village and near Vardzia Cave Monastery. The fortress is built on top of a rocky mountain and stands out at different angles due to the dynamic landscape. The walls of the fortress are made up of different architectural features such as caves with hidden tunnels, tufts squares, and a mural of a 10th century church painting. There are a lot of legends connected with this fortress.

This attraction can be explored in all seasons, and the view from the top of the fortress is unforgettable! Some local businesses can offer horse riding tours to the fortress with a special lunch on the top of the fortress. 

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Photo: Link on Shutterstock

Location-Aspindza municipality, near the Tmogvi Village.

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