Tsriokhi Fortress


Located in near village Atskuri (Akhaltsikhe Municipality) Tsriokhi Fortress is known as Sakanape Fortress too. The stronghold was built on such a lucrative spot that it allowed full control of the ravines and roads entering or departing the region. It’s said that, Tsriokhi Fortress had another crucial mission: to send first alarm signal to the contiguous Atskuri fortress during invasions. It also blocked the gorge from Imereti to Meskheti. Today the fortress is preserved as ruins.

Near the fortress there is a small village Tsinubani located almost in the forest and offering bathhouses to the travelers.

There is a newly marked trail starting either from village Atskuri or Tsinubani and going to Tsriokhi Fortress. For more information about the trail please visit What to do section.

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