Akhaltsikhe Castle


Akhaltsikhe Castle will take you through its history and diverse culture. In one space you will discover many different areas built in different periods of history with different purposes. A Medrasa,  Synagogue, IX century Orthodox Church, Catholic Church, a Citadel, a XVII century Mosque built by Ahmed Pasha, amphitheater and other areas will revive the whole periods of history in front of you. Moreover, you can also visit the Ivane Javakhishvili Samtskhe-Javakheti History Museum on the territory of the Castle. The Castle was fully reconstructed in 2011-2012. Today, except the historical buildings and places, you can also enjoy beautiful and modern parks and the atmosphere which takes you back in history but also reconnects you with the present.

Price: Adults – 7 Gel (approx. $2.30), kids under 6 – free, schoolchildren – 1 Gel ($0.31) 

Hours of Operation: 10 AM- 6PM Every day

Address: E 691, Akhaltsikhe, Georgia



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