Castles & Fortresses

Akhaltsikhe Castle

Akhaltsikhe Castle will take you through its history and diverse culture. In one space you will discover many different areas built in different periods of history with different purposes. A […]

Atskuri Fortress

Come experience the medieval fortress known as Atskuri. Atskuri is a Georgian feudal fortress on the right bank of the Mtkvari (Kura) River, approximately 29 km from Borjomi. The fortress […]

Khertvisi Fortress

The Khertvisi Fortress is one of the best preserved of Georgia’s fortification structures. Khertvisi was restored and reinforced several times.  Originally built on a rocky mountain at the confluence of […]

Okros Tsikhe

Okros Castle rests on a mountaintop west of Shoka village. As one of the largest castles in the country of Georgia, it is locally known as Okrostsikhe or “Golden Fortress” […]

Tmogvi Fortress

This historic fortress was first mentioned in the ancient texts of the 10th century. From the 10th century the fortress was under Georgian monarchy rule, until the 16th century at […]

Tsriokhi Fortress

It’s said that, Tsriokhi Fortress had another crucial mission: to send first alarm signal to the contiguous Atskuri fortress during invasions. It also blocked the gorge from Imereti to Meskheti. Today the fortress is preserved as ruins.

Zanavi Fortress

Located in the Adigeni municipality, near Zanavi village, this site of historical significance was erected in the middle ages upon a steep rock. The fortress showcases distinguishable features such as […]
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