Paravni Lake


The unanswered mysteries of Lake Paravani capture the interests of even the most avid travelers as they explore the largest lake in Georgia, around 37.5 square kilometers. In the depths of this volcanic lake located on the Javakheti Plateau are unknown objects, using spectral analysis, researchers determine that they are most likely of ancient origin. Geophysical studies suggest that a monumental ancient structure covers nearly 1,000 square meters. Scientists believe that Bronze Age burial grounds are located underwater. However, the shallow average depth contributes to its perpetually muddy waters and continues to mask the truth beneath the lake. Stop by a local restaurant and enjoy a freshly caught fish, or cast your own line to fully immerse yourself in the popular pastime of fishing.

During winter the lake freezes and the locals can offer fishing opportunities in the frozen lake. 

The Lake is located near the border of Samtskhe-Javakheti and Kvemo Kartli, and the lakeside towns include Paravani, Poka, and Aspara. Paravani is also part of the Javakheti Protected Areas. 

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