Samstke-Javakheti has a diverse range of lakes, from lakes high in the alpine nestled in the mountain slopes, to low lying lakes surrounded by forest. All of them share the same amazing water quality and fill you with a sense of tranquility. Animals love them to, many migrating and nesting birds call these lakes their home.

Bughdasheni lake

Part of the Bughdasheni National Park, Bughdasheni Lake is home to many species of birds during migration season. Visitors can admire the region’s wetlands as they enjoy a 2-km round-trip […]

Kartsakhi lake

Straddling the Turkish-Georgian border Kartsakhi is the second largest lake in Georgia. With a high salinity, Kartsakhi Lake is considered an alkaline lake. A perfect place for bird watchers, the […]

Levani lake

Levani lake is a glacial lake in the Ninotsminda Municipality. It is located on the ridge of Samsari, on the south-western slope of Mount Godorebi, in a deep valley, at […]

Madatapa lake

As part of the Madatapa Managed Reserve, the lake holds the distinction of being a protected Ramsar site. One of the most important breeding and staging grounds for waterbirds in […]

Paravani lake

The unanswered mysteries of Lake Paravani capture the interests of even the most avid travelers as they explore the largest lake in Georgia, around 37.5 square kilometers. In the depths […]

Saghamo lake

On the eastern side of the volcanic Javakheti mountains rests Saghamo Lake. The Paravani River flows through this lake, which remains frozen over four months of the year in the […]

Tabatskuri lake

Tabatskuri Lake is located between Borjomi and Akhalkalaki, and surrounded by the villages of Tabatskuri and Moliti. It is a great place to fish for Trout, Barbel and Carp, especially […]
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