Ancient Villages


The village Chachkari is located in Akhalkalaki Municipality 30 kilometers south of Aspindza, in a valley to the immediate north-east of the Vardzia Cave Monastery. Because of its location it is considered as a unique tourist destination.  The legend of Chachkari is inherently tied to the establishment of the cave city of Vardzia. Stories handed […]


One of the oldest historic villages in Georgia, Chobareti is distinguished by numerous architectural and historical monuments. While you’re there, explore the underground shelters and dwelling places interconnected by a system of tunnels that were used in past times to ward off enemies. Chobareti is located pretty close to both  Akhaltsikhe and Aspindza. This village […]


The historical village of Saro is located a few kilometers from the Akhaltsikhe-Vardzia road. The indigenous Meskhetian culture and architecture of Meskheti is probably the best preserved in Saro. Here you will see the ruins of the Megalithic Fortress built 3-4 millennium ago, medieval chapel of Archangel, secret defense buildings (darns), traditional Meskhetian dwellings (buildings […]
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