Churches & Monasteries

Cave Monastery of Vardzia

Vardzia is a monastery dating back to 12th century AD, located on the banks of the river Mtkvari, and it is one of the most important historical sites in Georgia. The location, in the middle of a huge gorge, offers unforgettable views. Even today some monks still live in those caves. The popular story behind […]

Kumurdo Monastery

Kumurdo Cathedral is a Georgian Orthodox Cathedral situated on Javakheti Plateau, 12 km southwest from Akhalkalaki. According to the inscriptions on the walls, written with the ancient Georgian writing of Asomtavruli, the Kumurdo Cathedral was built by Ioane the Bishop during the reign of King of the Abkhazians Leon III in 964. It is the […]

Kvabiskhevi Church

The Kvabiskhevi church of the Dormition is also known as Mariamtsminda. It is a medieval Georgian Orthodox church, situated 2 km northwest of the village of Kvabiskhevi in the Borjomi Municipality. A three-nave basilica, the church was constructed in the 8th or 9th century on a high rocky mountain slope, overlooking a steep descent into […]

Mtsvane (Green) Monastery

Located in a beautiful green forest, this monastery offers not only historical information, but also a peaceful setting for a walk or picnic. It is also referred to as the Chitakhevi St. George’s Monastery, but labeled the Green Monastery due to its lush location. It was restored in 2003, after being abandoned for almost 200 […]

Poka Monastery

On the shores of Paravani Lake there is a historical site where St. Nino was on a mission to bring Christianity to Georgia, and she rested here after arriving from Javakheti. It was at this spot in 1989 that a monastery was erected, shortly followed by a nunnery in 1992. For those who want to […]

Samsari Church

Samsari church and settlement has a domed church carved out of Mt. Samsari rock and a monastery complex dating back to 10th century. It is situated in the river canyon near the village of Patara”little” Samsari. Traces of the monastery extend along the entire canyon. The main church is domed and hewn from the rock, […]

Sapara Monastery

Take a step back into medieval times by visiting the Georgian Orthodox Sapara Monastery, located in Samtskhe-Javakheti. Believed to be built during or before 10th century, the monastery was once the residence of the prominent Jakeli family. Inside the monastery’s twelve churches, visitors can immerse themselves in historical church paintings and magical colors that are […]

Tchule Monastery

Built in the 14th century, this Georgian Orthodox monastery is a wonderful place for tourists to experience some of the ancient culture of Cristianity. It is also known as the Chulevi Monastery. The artwork and architecture in the monastery represent a battle for faith during the previous Mongol domination of that time. It is located […]

Timotesubani Monastery

The beautiful Timotesubani Monastery, also called the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin, is a cross-cupola church built in the 12th and 13th centuries. Timotesubani is a medieval Georgian Orthodox Christian complex located in the Borjomi Gorge. The complex consists of a series of structures built between the 11th and 18th centuries, of which the Church […]

Ude Monastery

Ude Catholic Church was built by Georgian Catholics in 1904-1906 on the site of a former Orthodox church. This is one of the five temples disputed between the Georgian Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church in Georgia. In 2012, construction and renovation of this monastery complex began in the vicinity of the Church of the […]

Upper Vardzia Monastery

Upper Vardzia (Zeda) Monastery is an 11th-century Georgian Orthodox church, of the Theotokos. It is located in the Aspindza Municipality, 3 km northwest of Vardzia. The medieval rock-hewn complex is on the list of the Immovable Cultural Monuments of National Significance of Georgia. After the Ottoman conquest of Samtskhe the monastery was deserted and the […]

Vanis Kvabebi

Vanis Kvabebi is a cave monastery near the town of Aspindza, and the famous cave city of Vardzia. The complex dates back to the 8th century, and consists of a defensive wall built in 1204 and a maze of tunnels running on several levels inside the mountain. There are also two churches in the complex. […]

Zarzma monastery

Crowned with one of the largest belfries in Georgia, the Zarzma Monastery of the Transfiguration boasts a domed church and a complex of buildings. They were built starting in the 8th century by Serapion of Zarzma. This site is fully functional and inhabited by Georgian monks. It was reconstructed towards the end of the 19th […]
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