Megalithic and Ancient Buildings

Abuli Megalithic Fortress

Experience the magical Abuli Fortress, located on the south slope of the lesser Abuli mountain, approximately 2500 meters above the sea level. The fortress is one of the most mysterious and less studied megalithic structures of the Bronze Age. Historical knowledge of the fortress is limited, as not a single artifact has been recovered to […]

Saro Megalithic Fortress

Saro Megalithic Fortress is located in village Saro. 10 km from Aspindza, on the Aspindza-Akhalkalaki motorway, at v. Nijgori there is a turning to the left that runs 3 km to the east towards v. Saro. Near the village, on the side of a cliff stands the cyclopean building (pre-Christian epoch) constructed of 3-meter stone […]

Shaori Megalithic Fortress

The Shaori fortress is a Bronze Age megalithic structure in the Akhalkalaki Municipality. A cyclopean fort built using a dry masonry technique, it has an unusual plan, rhomboid with circular spaces, and is situated on the eponymous rocky mount, at an altitude of 2752 meters above sea level. It’s home is in the Lesser Caucasus […]
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