Abastumani resort has been a distinguished therapeutic bath resort in the South of Georgia since the XIX century. Abastumani is famous for its fresh air, healing waters, and sulfur baths. Its healing factors are due to its distinct climate and landscape and hosts a still operational center for lung disease. The forest covered Abastumani […]


With over 29 kilometers of slopes and 20 transport lifts to choose from, the Bakuriani ski resort in the heart of the breathtaking Caucasus Mountains offers skiing, night, skiing, snowboarding, winter hiking, and tobogganing during its four to five month extended winter season. The resort, located 29 km. from Borjomi and 1,700 meters above sea […]


Well known in former Soviet countries for its booming mineral water industry, Borjomi is a resort town well-known for the site of the Romanov summer palace in Likani. Nearby, you can visit the Gogia, Petre, and Sali fortress ruins. Enjoy one of the many districts renowned for the rejuvenative properties of its water and experience […]
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