With over 29 kilometers of slopes and 20 transport lifts to choose from, the Bakuriani ski resort in the heart of the breathtaking Caucasus Mountains offers skiing, night, skiing, snowboarding, winter hiking, and tobogganing during its four to five month extended winter season. The resort, located 29 km. from Borjomi and 1,700 meters above sea level, provides stunning views of the mountainous region.

Bakuriani skiing resort  is a popular destination throughout the Caucasus. It is an ideal place for both winter and summer vacations. Mountain-skiing routes make it one of the main tourist hubs of Georgia. The resort began functioning late in 1935 and continues to attract vast amounts of tourists. In 2023 Bakuriani will host the World Cup in freestyle skiing and snowboarding.

 Visitors can take advantage of the winter sports centre that fulfills Olympic standards or participate in hiking, biking, and horseback riding during the summer months. Equipped with a ski school and kids park, Bakuriani is family-friendly and has something to offer for everyone.


Well known in former Soviet countries for its booming mineral water industry, Borjomi is a resort town well-known for the site of the Romanov summer palace in Likani. Nearby, you can visit the Gogia, Petre, and Sali fortress ruins.

Enjoy one of the many districts renowned for the rejuvenating properties of its water and experience the pleasures of balneotherapy, which is said to treat various chronic and cardiovascular diseases. The water, originating in the Borjomi gorge, is sourced from volcanic salty springs. If you are looking to learn more about the Borjomi-Kharagauli National park, stop by the administration building at 23 Meskheti St., or set off on a hiking, biking, or horse riding experience in the park.

Private: Libani

The village of Libani is located in Borjomi municipality, nestled along the bank of the river Borjomuli, 1370 meters above sea level, around 11 kilometers from Borjomi. Libani contains  a resort of strong local importance. The resort takes advantage of the healing properties in the mountainous climate and the water from the mineral springs, often used for baths.

The resort is family-friendly destination during all seasons.

Private: Tba

The village of Tba is perfectly located in the evergreen forest near Borjomi and is a wonderful location for relaxing holidays and hikes. The area is well-known for its tremendously fresh air which gives new life to the people in the area. 

Tba is located in Borjomi gorge, 9 kilometers from Borjomi and 2 kilometers from the resort Tsemi, it sits at 2250 meters above sea level. The access road to the village is asphalted and easily accessible by car.

It is possible to arrange excursions in the vicinity of the village of Tba and visit various cultural monuments or beautiful natural sites. For example, near the village there is a church named after St. George in Daba, the Sadgeri Mothers’ Monastery, the famous acidic waters, a gorgeous waterfall to name a few. A 20-25 minute drive leads to the Borjomula River, where you can cool off in hot weather.

The resort is family-friendly destination during all seasons.

Private: Tsagveri

Tsaghveri is a small town, 20 kilometers southeast of Borjomi, on the northern slope of Trialeti ridge. This place was once used as a balneological resort because of soothing mineral waters. The small town is surrounded by high mountains covered with forests of spruce, fir, and pine. Like the other villages of the area, Tsaghveri has a very unique climate. It’s air is said to have natural healing powers due to the fact that there is pine dust always in the air. 

Tsagveri is a well-suited spot to organize small hikes in the surrounding area. It is easy to get more information about these trails in the Borjomi tourist information center. A few of the possibilities include climbing Uznariani Castle, Mount Gvirgvini, and Mount Tortiza. 

The resort is family-friendly destination during all seasons.

Private: Tsemi

Tsemi is located on the left bank of the river Bakurianistskali in the Mtkvari basin, 1120 meters above sea level, and 17 kilometers from Borjomi. It is characterized by moderately mild  snowy winters and moderately warm, dry summers. Because of this Tsemi is a nice place to visit and rest during all seasons. It is a family-friendly destination. You can find different types of nice cottages  to rest quietly in this resort located almost in the forest. Fresh air, mild climate and beautiful countryside scenery creates excellent conditions for relaxation.

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