Wine and Gastronomy

Aluda Jvaridze “Meskhuri Oda”

Aluda Jvaridze, a farmer from Aspindza municipality, started rehabilitation of Meskhetian “Oda” houses a few years ago. He enjoys living in the village and today manages Agri-tourism Farm “Meskhuri Oda […]

Davit Mumladze’s Marani

For the Mumladze family, wine-making was a family tradition for centuries. His ancestors used to make wine, moreover, they were good clay masters and their “Qvevris” were well-known throughout the […]

Khachapuridze’s Marani

Niko Khachapuridze is managing his wine cellar with his family in the village Kvabiskhevi, Borjomi Municipality. It is an old Georgian traditional-style cellar from the 19th century. The Meskhetian fireplace, […]

Natenadze’s Wine Cellar

Giorgi Natenadze: “I have spent much of the past decade traipsing through mountain forests in search of ancient grapevines growing the way nature intended — up to trees. I have […]

Zaza Zedgenidze “Amphora Beer”

Zaza is an entrepreneur, owner of a brewery in Aspindza. He produces Amphora beer in traditional Georgian Amphoras (Qvevri). Initially, beer-brewing was Zaza’s hobby. He was brewing beer at home […]
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