Hotels and Resorts

The Samstke-Javakheti region of Georgia has many different hotel and resort options to chose from, from lower to higher budget. Regardless of the price we have got you covered! Enjoy the tremendous hospitality of the Georgian people, taste the spectacular food, and relax in any of our listed accomadations.

Crowne Plaza – Borjomi

If you want to have a luxurious holiday or just enjoy time with your kids and family you should stay in Crowne Plaza Borjomi.

Fish Hotel – Akhalkalaki

The Fish Hotel is located on the AKhalkalaki-Ninotsminda highway. It is a two storied hotel with spacious rooms and a nice restaurant (Farel) near it. The accommodation is one of the best in the nearby area. The owners have different services such as restaurant, bike rental and so on. Contact details: Akhalkalaki-Ninotsminda highway

Hotel Gino Wellness Rabath – Akhaltsikhe

Hotel Gino Wellness Rabath is located in the heart of Akhaltsikhe Castle. The hotel has everything to satisfy the visitor, with a central location, wonderful design and excellent service. This hotel boasts comfortable rooms of different types, a conference hall, bar and restaurant with Meskhetian cuisine, and a wellness-spa. The spa exudes relaxation and sports […]

Hotel Tiflisi – Akhaltsikhe

Hotel Tiflisi offers 23 high class comfortable and modern rooms. This makes it an ideal place for a family vacation, business meetings or corporate events. The Hotel is just a 10 minute drive from the most important historical and cultural monument of the region, Akhaltsikhe Castle, and a five minute drive from the city center.

Hotel Vardzia Resort – Aspindza

VardziaResort occupies almost three hectares. The development of the territory is growing every year: there are Meskhetian terraces with grape varieties, fruits, vegetables, the small river crosses the territory with seven basins for various sorts of fish, hiking trails, children’s entertainment facilities, wine sellar, two outdoor swimming pools, spa, and others. The family wants VardziaResort […]

Taba Hall Boutique Hotel – Akhaltsikhe

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