Hotels and Resorts

Looking for some nice ideas where you can stay and eat modern or traditional dishes? Then you are in a right section. Here, you can find a list of known hotels and resorts all over the Samtskhe-Javakheti Region. Scroll down and get familiar with some really fantastic places in all parts of the region. 

And, don’t forget! Nowadays, Meskhetian dishes can be found in  almost all menus of the restaurants and cafes. Enjoy yourself!

Hotels and Resorts in Akhaltsikhe

Hotel Tiflisi – Akhaltsikhe

Hotel Gino Wellness Rabath – Akhaltsikhe

Hotels and Resorts in Borjomi

Crowne Plaza – Borjomi

Hotels and Resorts in Aspindza

Hotel Vardzia Resort – Aspindza

Hotels and Resorts in Akhalkalaki

Fish Hotel – Akhalkalaki

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