Looking for some nice ideas where you can eat modern or traditional dishes? Then you are in a right section. Here, you can find a list of known restaurants and cafes all over the Samtskhe-Javakheti Region. Scroll down and get familiar with some really fantastic places in all parts of the region. 

And, don’t forget! Nowadays, Meskhetian dishes can be found in  almost all menus of the restaurants and cafes. Enjoy yourself!

SL Company is a small, nice cafe in the downtown of Akhaltsikhe where you can taste many different delicacies. Moreover, cafe recently updated menu as well and now you can order many different local or international dishes together with cakes and sweets. 

Restaurant Farel

The Restaurant Farel is located in Akhalkalaki near Fish Hotel. This is a perfect place to taste local fish and dishes. Moreover, this restaurant belongs to the same business as Fish Hotel. So, a traveler can stay near the restaurant at the same time.
The owners have different rental services and can also organize guided tours to Mount Abuli.

Restaurant Tabla Rabati

The Restaurant Tabla Rabati is a nice local business located in the territory of Akhaltsikhe Castle in the old district of Akhaltsikhe – Rabati. Its name originates from the name of the district itself. 

The restaurant went through a rebranding and now they offer Meskhetian cuisine with a slight touch of modernity. 

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